AMD’s James Prior Talks Zen 2 and Vega 11

OverclockersUK had the chance to sit down with AMD’s Senior Product Manager, James Prior to talk about both Vega and Zen as well as some other things going on with AMD. We have highlighted some of the main things below.

AMD Vega 11

So the mysterious Vega 11 is not actually a GPU by itself. It is a solution for AMD Raven Ridge APUs with 11 Compute Units enabled. James confirmed that Ryzen APUs offer up to 11 Compute Units. Right now AMD has only released two mobile APU variants. They feature either 8 or 10 CUs (Vega 8/10 Graphics). So the chip with 11 Vega Compute Units would be the top tier Raven Ridge APU. Currently we have no details on this APU.

AMD Zen 2 with use the AM4 socket

James said that the AM4 socket is here to stay (at least till 2020). The work on Zen 2 was actually started when the fundamental parts of Zen 1 were already known. The Ryzen 2000 series are likely to use a refined Zen+ architecture. A die shrink and architecture optimizations are also to be expected. So Ryzen 2 (Zen 2) might actually arrive with the Ryzen 3000 series and the 2000 series will use a refined Zen1/Zen+ 12nm process instead. If everything goes according to plan forward compatibility for Zen+ and Zen2 will be available with a simple BIOS flash on current AM4 motherboards.

AMD Vega 56 and 64 to receive increased supply

It has been confirmed that Vega stocks will be increased shortly. This will allow retailers to adjust the price accordingly. AMD will finally be supplying partners with Vega chips, which will allow them to produce custom SKUs in a satisfactory number.

You can check out the full video below.

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