AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo Deeply Discounted to $799.99

It looks like AMD is trying to clear inventory of their dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo cards. This card launched back in April of 2016 and was and still is the red teams most powerful graphics card. It originally launched with a price of $1499 and now it is selling for as low as $799.99 on various online retailers.


This is a very deep discount and we expect this is to clear inventory for AMD’s upcoming Vega GPUs. The Radeon Pro Duo features two full Figi GPUs. So you have a total of 8192 total cores with 4096 shaders. When running the card offers 512 GT/s texture fill rates and 128 GP/s pixel fill rates. The card was marketed as both a gaming card and a professional workstation card. So it can do 4K gaming as well as professional tasks like rendering and game creation.

So if you were looking at this card in the past now would definitely be the time to get it, although when Vega releases you may be a little disappointed in your purchase.

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