Samsung’s 850 Pro 4TB Delayed Due To NAND Shortage

We told you that there would be a NAND shortage about a month ago, and now it looks like we are starting to see the effects. Samsung’s upcoming 4TB version of their 850 Pro solid state drive has been delayed because of the NAND shortage and no new release date has been announced by the company.


Allison+Partners, a press agency for Samsung North America shared the news:

“As a result of the worldwide NAND shortage, Samsung is focused on allocating NAND to products where we see the greatest demand. We will let you know when further updates on the 850 PRO 4TB are available.”

The global NAND shortage is being caused by the high and popular demand and usage for both smart-phones and SSDs. Due to the shortage Samsung has decided to use the available 3-bit per cell V-NAND flash for products with the biggest demand. We do not know how long this NAND shortage will last, but as you can see it is already having some effects.

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