Game Mode Confirmed For Windows 10 “Creators Update”

Microsoft has been wanting to improve game performance in Windows 10 for some time now. They will introduce a new feature called “Game Mode” in their next big OS update. “Game Mode” will be available in the Windows 10 “Creators Update”.


“Game Mode” will be an option setting which when enabled will dedicate more available CPU and GPU resources to any given application. This includes new Windows UWP applications or good old Win32 games. Microsoft did however say that “Game Mode” will have a bigger impact on UWP games because “Game Mode” has more information on the game’s requirements and performance profiles. This means that less of your system resources will be available for background tasks.

“Game Mode” will automatically set the CPU core affinity and thread priority, this means you’ll have reduced thread and performance contention from otherwise non-essential background applications and processes. “Game Mode” is said to work with other technologies like NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience and AMD’s ReLive.

If you are on the Fast Ring for Insider Preview you should “Game Mode” tomorrow.

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