Expect DRAM Prices To Rise Over 2017

According to DigiTimes DRAM prices will continue to rise over the course of 2017. The price of DRAM chips will directly affect DDR4 memory modules. President of Nanya Technology, Pei-Ing Lee, has said that prices will continue to rally (rise) over the second quarter of 2017, but could stabilize (does not mean fall) over the second half of the year.


The rise in DRAM prices is being caused by tight supply. The stability of the prices will be depend on the major DRAM manufactures. Nanya themselves are upgrading their production lines to the new 20 nm node, with early production by the end of Q1-2017. The prices of consumer DDR4 modules have actually nearly doubled over the past six months. For example a typical 32 GB dual-channel DDR4 kit was selling for around $90 in summer of 2016, is now priced around $170.

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