Lite-On / Plextor Expects The NAND Shortage To Hurt SSD Sales

More and more companies are bracing for the global NAND shortage. Just this week Samsung announced that they are delaying the launch of the 4TB 850 Pro SSD and now it looks like Lite-On is expecting lower SSD sales. Lite-On sells SSDs under their own name as well as Plextor and according to company CEO Warren Chen, the company expects fewer sales due to reduced supply.


The global NAND shortage is being caused by the increased demand from smartphones as well as the enterprise flash storage market. You also have the increased demand for consumer solid state drives as many people are using them exclusively in their PC builds. So with the higher demand it is becoming harder and harder for manufactures to keep up.

As of right now the SSD manufactures have not increased the prices of SSDs, but that could happen very soon with NAND being in short supply. Increased supply of NAND is not expected till 2018, so we could not only see prices increase but supply of SSDs dwindle.

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