NVIDIA Volta Could Launch This Year on 12nm

NVIDIA’s Volta GPUs are set to succeed Pascal, and based on previous roadmaps we expected a 2018 launch. Well it looks like we might see Volta sooner than that, this year even! Fox Business has picked up the story that we could see Volta this year in the GPGPU supercomputing, machine learning and artificial intelligence spaces and that it would be build using a custom 12nm FinFET manufacturing process at TSMC.


NVIDIA is expected to launch Volta just as they did Pascal with enterprise arriving first. So it is very likely that gamers will not see any GeForce Volta products until 3-6 months after we see Volta launched in the enterprise space. We have heard rumors that a Pascal refresh is coming and we still do not have a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti card either, so it is likely we won’t see Volta GeForce GPUs till 2018.

Not all that much is known about Volta currently. We do know that it is likely to be produced on the 12nm FinFET node from TSMC. 12nm is meant to bridge the gap between 16nm and 10nm and we’ve heard that it has been in the works for a while. Volta GeForce GPUs will likely replace the refreshed Pascal parts we will see later this year. It is expected that Volta GPUs will feature both GDDR6 and HBM2 memory.

As the year progresses and we know more about Volta we will be sure to let you know.

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