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NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GeForce Card Could Be “a long time from now”

Another editor asked for a small hint and Huang answered, "Do not worry, I will invite you", followed by "It'll be a long time from now". Now this question was specific on Volta so it does not count out a Pascal refresh, but it you were looking for a GeForce announcement at Computex it is likely not happening.

NVIDIA Quadro GV100
Hardware News

NVIDIA Announces The World’s Most Powerful Professional GPU

NVIDIA has just announced what is being touted as the world's most advanced GPU for professionals - the Quadro GV100. This card is based on NVIDIA's Volta architecture and packs in 5120 CUDA cores. The GV100 is made for many different workloads from machine learning to HPC, it is actually the only professional graphics card capable of processing workloads around the new RTX raytracing suite. That by itself should make the card sell quickly.

Hardware News

NVIDIA Not Unveiling 2018 Graphics Card Lineup at GDC or GTC

It has been reported that NVIDIA will likely not be announcing or unveiling any new graphics cards at this years' Game Developer Conference (GDC) or their own GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Even though there have been multiple reports pointing towards NVIDIA announcing something this month it is not likely to happen. So for all of those expecting the next line of GeForce gaming card you are going to be disappointed.


ThinkComputers Podcast #121

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our three reviews this week, NVIDIA announcing the "Volta" based TITAN V, the war going on between Amazon and Google, Bitcoin and much more!

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