NVIDIA Titan V Mines Ethereum at 82 MH/s

When a new graphics card is launched one of the many questions asked is “how well does it mine?” With cryptocurreny markets exploding right now it seems many people are still mining and making a profit so how well does NVIDIA’s newest flagship graphics card do?

titan eth

The guys over at HotHardware, who have a NVIDIA Titan V on hand, ran it through the Claymore Miner, which is used to mine Ethereum (ETH). At its stock settings it achieves 69 MH/s at stock settings, and when slightly overclocked it jumps all the way up to 82 MH/s. While overclocked its performance is more the double that of the RX Vega 64 and Titan Xp, even at stock settings it beats both of those cards by a fair margin.

titan eth 2

So is the Titan V the ultimate card for mining? Well with its $2999 price tag and power consumption I really don’t think so, but it really does crush this type of workload.

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