Sapphire Finally Launches Their RX Vega Nitro+ Graphics Cards

After what seems like forever Sapphire has finally released their fully custom versions of AMD’s RX Vega flagship graphics cards. These new cards are completely custom and offer better thermal and acoustic performance compared to AMD’s reference models.

sapphire nitro 1

Sapphire’s Nitro+ series will feature a 2.5 slot design with a pretty beefy cooling solution that is made up of three cooling fans a large heatsink stack with multiple heatpipes. The triple-fan design makes use of two larger fans on the outside and a smaller fan in the center. The card also has a full backplate.

sapphire nitro 2

Both Vega 56 and Vega 64 models will draw power from three 8-pin power connectors. With that this cards will ship with a hefty 12-14% base-clock increase over AMD’s reference models, which will make them the fastest factory overclocked Vega graphics cards available.

sapphire nitro 3

The card will also ship with a dual-BIOS as well as two fan headers which will allow you to control the speed of the fans. No word yet on pricing.

sapphire nitro 4

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