NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GeForce Card Could Be “a long time from now”

At Computex NVIDIA held an invite only press conference with Jensen Huang, although nothing new or ground-breaking was announced for consumers. However many members of the press had questions to ask.

nvidia geforce gtx logo artwork

When Jensen Huang was asked when gamers can expect a Volta-based GeForce card or what it will be called he said that prices of existing Pascal cards have dropped to regular levels and that gamers can again buy a GeForce GTX 1070, 1080, or 1080 Ti, saying they are the best graphics cards a gamer can buy.

Another editor asked for a small hint and Huang answered, “Do not worry, I will invite you”, followed by “It’ll be a long time from now”. Now this question was specific on Volta so it does not count out a Pascal refresh, but it you were looking for a GeForce announcement at Computex it is likely not happening.

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