Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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NVIDIA Not Unveiling 2018 Graphics Card Lineup at GDC or GTC

It has been reported that NVIDIA will likely not be announcing or unveiling any new graphics cards at this years’ Game Developer Conference (GDC) or their own GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Even though there have been multiple reports pointing towards NVIDIA announcing something this month it is not likely to happen. So for all of those expecting the next line of GeForce gaming card you are going to be disappointed.

Earlier reports pointed to NVIDIA launching the Turing architecture, which many think is for crypto-mining applications. Also many people were looking for Volta-based GeForce cards or an announcement for Ampere, the expected GeForce architecture that would leapfrog the current Volta architecture. Industry sources say there might be a rather vague “appetizer,” but no unveiling or announcement will happen at either of these events.

It seems NVIDIA really does not need to launch any new products at this time. The demand for their cards is strong, and the really is not much competition from AMD. If nothing indeed is announced at either of these events then it is more than likely to see an announcement of something for consumers later in the year, probably in June-July for Computex.

Bob Buskirk
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