Battlefield V Will Take Place During World War II

If we’ve learned anything this past year it is that nostalgia sells. In the case of games we saw Battlefield 1 (World War 1) sold faster than Battlefield 4, but it also broke the 25 million player barrier not that long ago. Call of Duty: WWII did quite well too, being the best-selling Call of Duty game since Black Ops II. EA is going to continue the nostalgia with Battlefield V (known internally as Battlefield 2), and it is going to be a direct sequel to Battlefield 1, taking place in World War II.


If you are a hardcore Battlefield fan you know that EA did visit this time period in Battlefield 1942. EA did promise that this game is not a remaster, but a completely new game from the ground up.

EA is always the top of loot boxes, and according to anonymous sources there will be loot boxes in Battlefield V, but these loot boxes are limited to cosmetic items to customize your soldier, just like in Battlefield 1.

EA has also promised a playable “next Battlefield experience” this year at E3 in June, so definitely stay tuned for that. Battlefield V is expected to launch later this year, if I were a betting man I would say holiday season.

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