NVIDIA “Volta” Successor Codenamed “Ampere” Expected At GTC 2018

It looks like we know the codename of the GPU architecture that will succeed NVIDIA’s upcoming “Volta” GPU architecture. They will be naming this new GPU architecture after 18th century French physicist who is one of the pioneers of electromagnetism, André-Marie Ampère. Of course the popular unit of measuring current is named after him.

nvidia geforce gtx logo artwork

This new GPU architecture will make its debut at the 2018 Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) hosted by NVIDIA. Like we’ve seen in the past from NVIDIA we’ll have an unveiling of the architecture, followed by a technical presentation from NVIDIA engineers, with products launching a little later, and actual consumer-grade products (GeForce) launching much later.

NVIDIA has been rolling with their “Pascal” architecture, which is 18 months old. The latest consumer product that came from “Pascal” is the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. NVIDIA has yet to launch any products based on the “Volta” architecture, I expect to see something based on the architecture at CES 2018. NVIDIA should keep the same naming scheme they’ve been using so “Volta” GeForce products will be called the GeForce 20-series, and “Ampere” products will be the GeForce 30-series. NVIDIA has yet to disclose any information or features of the “Ampere” architecture.

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