EA Making It Harder To Cancel Battlefront 2 Pre-Orders

EA has been under fire over their upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 title, especially when it comes to pricing of DLC and add-ons for the game. Gamers have complained of the company effectively pricing $80 just to play Darth Vader as well as giving game reviewers a faster in-game content unlock progression, compared to normal gamers, basically misrepresenting the product. Pre-orders of the game can be canceled, so many upset gamers took to Reddit and other forums to distribute links that let you easily cancel your pre-order. With pre-order cancellations continuing to rise EA actually changed the way cancellations are done, making it harder to get a refund.


So instead of simply clicking on a web-based form to cancel your pre-order and get the reference number for your refund, you now have to speak to a sales agent via chat to cancel your order. The issue is that there are so many people wanting to cancel the system is bogged down as there is not enough agents to handle the number of people who want to cancel.

So basically EA has made it impossible for everyone who pre-ordered to cancel. Only those who actually want to endure an extremely long waiting chat queue will be able to cancel their pre-order. And as November 17th gets closer time is running out to cancel your pre-order.

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