Thermaltake’s Latest Gaming Chair Has Active Cooling

We’ve seen pretty much every company come out with a gaming chair over the past year, but it looks like Thermaltake wants to set themselves apart. Their latest gaming chair, the X Comfort Air features active cooling, yes there are actual fans in the chair.

The four cooling fans are located on the seat part of the chair and the Thermaltake claims these three-speed fans can cool the seat between 0.6ºC and 1.5ºC. The noise level of the fans is stated as 32 DB(A), but Thermaltake didn’t specify the correlating fan speed for this. The chair is made of perforated faux-leather that permits airflow from the three-speed fans. The fans are controlled by a small control box that is mounted to the bottom of the chair.

The X Comfort Air features the typical things all other gaming chairs offer like adjustments for height, back angle, rocking tilt, tilt lock, and four-way armrests. It has an aluminum frame construction and 75 kg/m3 foam padding. It also looks like it has proper lumbar and head pillows. Thermaltake is offering this chair in black / red and black / black variants.

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