AMD’s Radeon Software Crimson Edition Detailed

Back when graphics drivers were first introduced we had NVIDIA Detonator and ATI Catalyst. Of course Detonator became what we know now as GeForce sofware, but Catalyst pull through for another decade. As its first major announcement after consolidating most of its visual computing divisions into the Radeon Technologies Group under Raja Koduri AMD will be re-branding AMD Catalyst as Radeon Software. The first release will be called Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.11.

AMD will be doing away with the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) and Raptr. In their place is new sleek application that has been built from the ground up called Radeon Settings. It does not rely on .NET either like CCC. The user interface is very minimalist and keeps up with the Windows 10 theme. We could see different variations with OS X and Linux though.

radeon-settings-1 radeon-settings-2

The aplication is designed for a very fast start up and features a ribbon-tab UI design. Everything should be very easy to find. With Raptr being gone it has been replaced with the “Games” tab which lets you make graphics and other hardware overclocking settings specific to a game besides the global settings.

radeon-settings-3 radeon-settings-4

The video tab will let you choose between eight presets specific to viewing situations and content. The “Display” tab will give you settings specific to your display (resolution, refresh rates, VSR, scaling, etc). There is a tab for Eyefinity and a System tab that gives you information on your current hardware.

radeon-settings-6 radeon-settings-7 radeon-settings-8 radeon-settings-9

Check out the video below which goes over the new Radeon Software.

AMD will release Radeon Software Crimson Edition later this month.

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