Android 4.4 KitKat & LG Nexus 5 to Land On October 14th

Rumors about the Google Flagship Smartphone are circling around and causing much anticipation among the fans. As a little treat for the mind, the rumor has been disseminated and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see the Nexus 5 in only a month’s time. The Nexus smartphone, made by LG yet again, is expected to be seen on the 14th of October if the rumors are held to be true. The new phone’s design is said to take its inspiration from the LG G2 with the exception of its diagonal 5 inches display and also the fortunate disappearance of the rear buttons.


Alongside this release, Google is making another surprising launch of its next addition to the Android series of operating systems. Yes we will soon be seeing the 4.4 KitKat and so far no details have been unveiled regarding the newest version of the Google operating system. With a completely new name, no one can be sure of what to expect out of it. For some, the new name is indicating towards a major adjustment and change in the OS while some are still of the view that it might just be another version of the 4.3 with a few new kicks.

Source: NextPowerUp | News Archive