Android vs iPhone: Which Is Better for Mobile Gamblers

No industry is safe from disruption. Technology has a way of changing how an industry operates, consumer behavior, and market demand. The rise of smartphones in current years has had its disruptive effects on virtually every industry, and the gambling industry is no different.

The internet itself changed the face of gambling forever by drawing a new breed of gambler into the fold. It changed the very culture of gambling. It was no longer just a draw for well-dressed high-rollers that frequented lavish casinos. The ability to gamble online birthed a class of gambler that was more tech-savvy, analytical, mathematical, and perhaps a bit nerdier.

It spawned hundreds of thousands of proprietary computer algorithms designed to give gamblers an edge over their opponents as talented developers around the world put their skills to work. Since the adoption of the internet, we’ve seen a shift towards increasing mobile usage, and it’s no surprise that this development has also had its own distinct effects on the gambling industry.

In the past internet power gamblers often used multiple monitors, playing different hands or tables on each one while making quick calculations, often with the aid of their computer. This style of gambling obviously isn’t possible on a mobile device.

The effects of the internet on the gambling industry can be seen exceedingly clearly. It’s given rise to an exploding number of online casinos.

Many such online casinos bring lucrative bonuses and offer to the table such as Online Casino Gems, and many others.

However, the shift towards mobile usage has provided other benefits. Users can gamble anywhere and on their own time. In this sense, it’s become a more closely related part of gamblers’ everyday life, rather than just an activity they need to retreat to a computer monitor or casino to perform.

We could say that this new technological development has given rise to yet another class of users that we could call the casual gambler. Mobile gamblers’ goals are often different than others. Many prioritize entertainment over the deep analytical thought of a more traditional online gambler, and also over the showmanship of a casino gambler.

It’s a trend that’s likely to continue considering that The Washington Post reports that there are even more mobile gambling apps set to go live soon.

These distinctions are obviously not drawn in stone and there is a vast overlap over these classifications. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that changes in technology do influence the culture of an industry and the consumer demographic it attracts.

Many mobile gamblers are asking which operating system is best suited to their gambling hobby, and it’s likely that the preference of whether to gamble on Android or iOS is also indicative of tech culture.

It’s a question with rather large ramifications for Apple and Google as competitors since the tech industry as a whole is turning significant amounts of time and capital into the gambling industry according to the New York Times.

If we look at Android mobile gambling apps, one thing that becomes immediately clear is that there are simply more of them. Android simply has a larger selection of mobile gambling apps compared to iOS and there is getting around that. This is logical considering that the Android operating system is open-source and therefore more accessible to a global pool of mobile app developers.

Android also has a larger global market share when compared with iOS which does well in the US, but whose high price tags make it prohibitively expensive in many emerging markets. For mobile gamblers that prioritize a wide selection of different options, Android is a clear choice.

This is not to say, however, that the iOS operating system is not without its own advantages. The Apple App store is generally more strictly regulated, which, despite being another reason for a smaller selection of apps, does have some advantages.

Namely, there are fewer scam casino apps on iOS than on Android. Scammy mobile apps that don’t comply with regulations are unfortunately a big problem that plagues both operating systems. But, mobile gamblers can sleep a little better using iOS knowing that there are fewer such apps that are allowed to exist and be promoted on the Apple App Store.

Another advantage iOS brings to the table is some amount of exclusivity. Many of the most highly anticipated mobile gambling are released on iOS first before being developed for Android. Mobile gambling early adopters will, therefore, be happy to get their hands on the latest mobile gambling technology first on iOS.

On the other hand, Android does bring something else to the table. Not only does it have a wider selection of gambling apps in general, but it also has many more free apps that allow users to gamble without facing additional fees. Price-sensitive gamblers will, therefore, be happy not to pay these additional fees in order to play some of their favorite casino games.

It also means that consumers in emerging markets that are often more capital-constrained will not have as many barriers to entry on the Android OS. Moreover, most such consumers own an Android device already, making it an even more logical choice.

All of these realities are subject to change in the future. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with any developments through a good source of tech news online.

Depending on what kind of mobile gambler you are, Android and iOS both have a lot to offer. Take these into consideration when making your choice. And, be aware that the choice between the two could well define the future culture of the gambling industry as a whole.

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