Angelbird Announces its SSD WRK Line of Entry-level SSDs

If you are looking for quality SSD products, look no further than Angelbird, Austria’s premium SSD manufacturer. They are presenting to the world its newest baby the “SSD wrk”, a great little entry-level Solid State Drive (SSD), for laptop’s and Home and Office Desktop applications.

Angelbird never compromises in terms of quality in its new SSD wrk. They use an ultra-fast SATA 3.1 6 GB/s interface, which is fully compatible with older computer set-ups and operating systems.

The SSD wrk uses the SMI 2246EN controller and the case is made of high quality, matt black anodized aluminum which is not a painting process but a chemical color changing process that is 100 time stronger than paint.

The Multi-Level-Cell NANDs chips are compliments of Micron and Angelbird is promising a MTBF (minimum time before failure) of at least 2 million hours. That is an astounding reliability standard. They are also providing integrated EDC and ECC error correction capabilities with this unit and the body of the unit is ultra thin at a thickness of only 7 Millimeter, the “SSD wrk” will fit the slimmest of notebooks or hide discretely anywhere in a desktop case.

bottom of ssd

top of new SSD

Three-year warranty
The SSD wrk is equipped with additional overvoltage and ESD protection features. Overload Protection, TRIM and EMS protection and all standard and above standard in all its SSD-wrk models.

The read speed is a blazing 563MB/s, sustained writing speed up to 450MB/s which is above board in entry level SSD Speeds almost tapping the entire speed limit of 600MB/s speed of Sata 3.1 to date. The SSD wrk delivers 72,000 IOPS (Input/Output or operations per second) and the access time is less than 0.1 millisecond. Also there is a nice three-year warranty on the Angelbird SSD wrk.

Focus on energy efficiency
The new entry-level “Angelbird SSD wrk” are designed and developed with a major focus on ultra-green energy consumption parameters and still achieve the high efficiency needs to attain the speeds of the blazing fast little SSD wrk – a characteristic which makes the SSD wrk the perfect choice for mobile devices. The SSD will also go into an IDLE MODE that requires only a quarter of watt of power to operate with (128GB), the maximum energy consumption largest current capacity SSD wrk of 512GB is only a minor 3 Watts of loaded power needs.

The 128GB version uses only 2 Watts of power for full load operation so add as many of these as you want.

The SSD wrk are available in 128 gigabytes for a price of (99.99 USD / 59,96 GBP), or the 256 GB at (159.99 USD / 99,96 GBP) and the 512 gb for a great price of (299,99 USD / 191,63 GBP – all prices plus VAT).

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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