Corsair Link Commander Mini Launched

Corsair, One of the worldwide leader’s in high-performance PC hardware components, has announced today availability of it’s new Corsair Commander Mini control unit. It’s a compact Remote like Commander that gives the users the ability to connect via usb to the host computer, and control multiple lighting settings, fans, and other Corsair devices you may have wired into your valuable gaming or enthusiast rig with an intuitive software interface.

Corsairlink commander mini

The Corsair Commander Mini basically is a centralized wired remote control unit for Corsair Link PC control and monitoring system that can be located inside outside or out of sight if needed. Its controlled purely through the computer. It’s equipped with four Corsair Link Digital ports, six separate fan controllers connections with four temperature probes, and a port for connecting straight into your Corsair Link LED lighting strips. The New Corsair Commander Mini lets users take complete control of their PC’s lighting and cooling needs all in one unit. The unit is simple to wire into your existing PC with an included mounting kit and connects to your PC via a standard SATA connector for power and an included cable to connect it to a USB 2.0 header on the PC’s motherboard.

Corsair commander Mini

Corsair Link gives ultimate PC control
The Corsair Link marks an end of case fans, component fans and case lighting that must be monitored and manually operated and changed with different hardware or large bay units with readouts and dials. The Corsair Commander simultaneously offers a simply more advanced way to control peripherals and expansion options that sometimes might need a reboot and tapping into the motherboard BIOS settings. With this Command unit everything is simply controlled and configurable from the PC’s desktop via the Corsair Link Dashboard software interface.

Precision Monitoring
At a single glance the users can see how a system is operating with an unprecedented level of detail. you can have Coolant temperature, ambient temperatures (at multiple points), and the speed of case fans and fans built-in to compatible system components can be monitored, all via the Corsair Link Dashboard software.

Corsair commander mini link

A New Level of Control
Corsair Link gives the power user the ability to manage fan speeds for each fan and set up customizable cooling profiles, or they could program fans to respond to changes in the ambient or component temperature and increase or decrease speed accordingly. Lighting can be programmed to relay critical system information or to change the look of the system to provide an instant visual (WARNING) indicator of the selected cooling profile, or just for fun.

Expandable Eco-System
The Commander Mini’s fan controllers works great with virtually any standard PC case fan, and this also included temperature sensors can be placed nearly anywhere inside or outside the PC case. The user can expand control by adding other compatible peripherals, including Corsair i-Series liquid CPU coolers, i-Series power supplies, and DRAM cooling systems which feature the Corsair Link Digital logo.

Pricing, Availability, and Warranty

The Commander Mini is available immediately on the Corsair website for $59.99 USD. It is backed with a two year warranty.

As an additional note: can personally vouch for the unmatched quality and reliability of Corsair products as well as an award winning Customer Service department that can’t be beat in today’s finicky computer market. The greatest part about this unit is you can control everything from the keyboard or touchscreen so no need to put this one the desk, you can hide it outside the case or inside the case and still have full control of all you need and the price of one Fan controller is equal to this and this is much easier to control and access so we can surely rate this a WIN for new computer controller.

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