Angry Miao Releases CYBERBOARD, First Mechanical Keyboard with Custom LED Panel on Indiegogo

Angry Miao, a native digital vertical brand focused on revolutionizing desktop products, has made its debut into the desktop technology market with the CYBERBOARD, a custom cyberpunk mechanical keyboard and the first of its kind to feature a customizable LED panel. The CYBERBOARD was officially launched on Indiegogo today at 10 am PT. The limited edition comes with five exclusive color options – Cyber Grey, Industrial Yellow, Purple Haze, Vapor White, and Jungle Green – there are only 1,000 sets available worldwide. A 40% off deal will be offered to early birds.

“We believe that innovative products provide not only practical function, but also cultural and emotional values. We want to bring our radical design and concept to the community – that is, the world’s first custom keyboard with a DIY LED panel,” said Nan Li, Founder of Angry Miao. “In the process of refining the CYBERBOARD, we have constantly pursued the ultimate experience for keyboard enthusiasts, in order to bring a different product to the world while offering exceptional DIY fun and making our mark in the world. However, this is just a beginning. We will launch far more exciting products and a totally new brand line on Aug 26.”

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Inspired by Tesla Cybertruck, CYBERBOARD breaks the status quo of the mechanical keyboard market with its unique design, technological prowess, and highly customizable nature. The sharp-edged lines of the CNC-machined 6063 aluminium alloy frame encapsulate the rebellious cyberpunk spirit while the custom LED strip channels the retro aesthetic of the ’80s.

Channeling its cyberpunk aesthetic, the CYBERBOARD’s customizable LED panel features 200 LED lamp beads for vivid, eye-catching displays; as well as specific chips for programmed lighting effects and a changeable modular design. Users can opt for the keyboard’s preset effects or access a unique web interface for DIY configuration

In addition to its unique design and DIY LED panel, the CYBERBOARD has been meticulously refined by Angry Miao’s engineers over hundreds of hours in order to deliver a superior typing experience.

The keyboard achieves the sensitive touch of a mechanical keyboard through its individual positioning plate, and the top mount structure is designed with a custom silicone mute mount along with a conical dampener for unparalleled shock absorption, which optimizes touch and sound. CYBERBOARD also includes a 75% layout with independent arrow key and function key zone, which is ideal for touch typing. Moreover, users can change whichever switches they like easily with their hot swap PCB.

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The CYBERBOARD is built with impeccable craftsmanship using the finest materials. The meticulous 10° incline achieves the optimal balance between expressiveness and typing experience, and the keyboard is proofed three times to confirm its 0.65° radius to ensure a gentle touch while retaining its sharp appearance. In addition, the keyboard’s top-level anodic coloring is up to the standard of smartphone manufacturing.

Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the CYBERBOARD design team is a Red Dot award winner design team boasts talents from some of China’s leading tech brands.

Users can also join the Angry Miao Discord to stay up-to-date with the CYBERBOARD developments on Discord.

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