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Antec P193 Advanced Super Mid Tower Review

Final Thoughts
We always have high expectations for Antec products, especially their cases because they have always impressed us.  The P193 is no exception to that, it is a very solid case and there isn’t much bad that we can say about it.  The 4 included fans, especially the HUGE 200mm fan will definitely keep everything inside nice and cool.  Keep in mind you still have room for 2 more intake fans and another fan that can be installed in front of the power supply as well.  With the fans turned all the way up the system can get a bit loud, but remember all of the fans have speed controls on them.  The dual-chamber design of the case also helps with cooling as it isolates your components into different chambers.

Installation of your components is very easy and we did not run into any issues at all.  We have been getting used to tool-less installation systems on cases lately, but honestly if the installation systems are not tool-less as long as they work well and are not a hassle we don’t really have a problem with them.  I also trust regular installation systems much better than tool-less systems.

Now there were some things missing on this case.  First there was CPU cutout behind the motherboard that has become standard on almost all new cases these days.  It makes it so you don’t have to remove your motherboard when installing a new CPU cooler.  Another thing is there are no spots for 2.5-inch hard drives like solid state drives.  Now we were told there is a revision of the case that should be available at the time of this review that has those 2 features added.  The side panel fan is a nice thing to have, but having to disconnect the power every time I want to open the case is such a pain.  I would have liked Antec to have a door system where when you close the door it connects power to the side panel fan and also have the fan speed control on the outside of the case.

This case isn’t for everyone, I mean it’s HUGE!  If you want some of the same features you can check out the P183 Mid Tower, which is almost the exact same case, but just smaller.  This case is for people who want a lot of room and remember this case can fit an extended ATX motherboard as well.  As I said this case would be perfect for a test bed was there is a lot of room inside.  Right now the P193 sells for $179.99 at my favorite online retailer.  That is a great price considering all of the cooling and the size of this case.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Antec P193 Advanced Super Mid Tower a 9 out of 10 score.

– Price
– Tons of room inside
– Great cooling
– Able to fit Antec’s CP-Series power supplies
– Easy Installation

– No 2.5-inch hard drive placement
– No CPU cutout
– Side panel fan has a short power connector and its fan control is on the inside of the case

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