Apparently ASRock is Making a Sonic-themed Motherboard

ASRock has been doing some pretty interesting things with their motherboard designs, we’ve seen this with their LiveMixer series. Well apparently they are going to be releasing a Sonic-themed Intel Z790 motherboard. Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog! This board is known as the Z790 PG Sonic and with the Sonic collab it appears ASRock has some type of cooperation with Sega.

asrock z790 pg sonic 3

As far as the board itself it looks like it is a special edition of the Z790 PG Riptide, as far as well can tell the feature-set is the same. As far as the design goes the board has a black PCB with silver heatsinks and blue accents. There are Sonic logos on the heatsinks and a large ring on the rear I/O cover. The I/O shield is also Sonic themed. The rear of the board also has a massive Sonic character on it.

asrock z790 pg sonic 2

The interesting thing is that we see no Sega logos or branding anywhere on the box. This makes the whole collab a bit of a mystery at the moment. Specualtion is that this board is a limited edition product for the Asian markets.

asrock z790 pg sonic 1

Via @momomo_us (Twitter)

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