NVIDIA RTX 4090 Is Indeed Coming To Laptops!

It appears like NVIDIA is moving further away from its pledge to maintain parity in performance across desktop and laptop GPUs. Five SKU names and four different GPUs are reportedly included in the new mobile series, which in no way resembles the desktop series.


Even if it were probably unwarranted for a power-hungry AD102 GPU to be found in a laptop, enthusiasts would still need to pay more attention to mobile naming. NVIDIA will deploy up to five distinct RTX 40 mobile SKUs, according to the recently disclosed ‘GN21 Marketing Name’ discussion.

This time, NVIDIA will release its first RTX X90 class mobile GPU; however, unlike the desktop variant, it will be based on the AD103 GPU rather than the AD102. This is quite likely the most intriguing aspect of this report.

Our readers should not be astounded by the NVIDIA RTX 40 Mobile series codenamed “GN21.” Since June this year, leakers have begun providing info about these mobile GPUs. Interestingly, one of the most reputable NVIDIA hardware leakers has already divulged which GPU is used in which mobile SKU.

Previously, the same leaker disclosed maximum TGP (Total Graphics Power) limits for three models, which would supposedly not exceed 175 Watts. The absence of a non-Ti RTX 4080 SKU is also noteworthy in this leak. Such a part, though, might emerge at any time.

And considering that we have been discussing mobile chips. AMD may also surprise its enthusiasts. According to AMD hardware leaker @greymon55, the Radeon RX 7000 mobile GPU might be as powerful as the desktop RX 6950XT. This suggests that Navi 32 (the highest RDNA3 GPU scheduled to release for laptops) will be a formidable mobile gaming processor.

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Unfortunately, there are no disclosed specifications or codenames available at this time. However, it may be released as the Radeon RX 7900M or 7800M.
According to our sources, New GPU series from NVIDIA and AMD are expected to be released around CES 2023. The launching of the Zen4 mobile and Raptor Lake mobile CPU series might coincide with this release.