Apple Readying 32-core Chip for High-End Macs

Apple’s M1 SoC has been a huge success for the company and we’ve covered it extensively here at ThinkComputers. The M1 allowed Apple to move away from Intel’s x86 architecture and create its own silicon that is optimized for its software and devices. Apple now plans to scale up this design with a new 32-core version for high-performance devices like the Macbook Pro, iMac Pros, and even Mac Pros. This new silicon could debut in a next-generation Mac Pro in 2022. A report by Bloomberg says that this new silicon would allow the workstation to be half the size of the current Mac Pro.

apple silicon

In addition to a 32-core chip, Apple is reportedly developing a 16-core “big” + 4 “small” core version of the M1, which would power mid-range Macs like the iMac desktop and the MacBook Pro lineup. We could easily see the 16B+4s core chip as early as Spring 2021.

Apple is also stepping up efforts to develop its own high-end professional-visualization GPU that it can use in its iMac Pro and Mac Pro workstations, which would replace the AMD Radeon Pro solutions found in the current generation of products. There is talk that the 20222 Mac Pro we mentioned earlier could also debut with this GPU.

Via Bloomberg

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