Apple Said Only 9 Phones Were Bent – Here is a Video of 300!

Even if you don’t own a iPhone I’m sure you’ve heard of “Bendgate”. If you haven’t here is a quick breakdown. Soon after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch images and complaints started to roll in about the phones bending. Many people complained that these devices were bending while they carried them in the pant pockets. Many people claimed that these issues were because people were sitting on the devices while they were in their back pocket or they were wearing skin-tight jeans. Apple publicly denied that “Bendgate” was a real issue and that they only had reports of 9 phones being bent.


The internet being what it is was not satisfied with Apple’s statement and a new website was created called One of the Nine. The goal was to collect photos of bent iPhones to show that more than nine units were affected like Apple said. Not much media coverage was brought to the site, but they have already received 327 photos of bent iPhones. The first 300 images have been turned into a video that you see below. The video is accompanied by a song that will definitely make you smile while watching the video.

Do you think Apple will respond to this at all?

Source: BGR | News Archive

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