Apple Won’t Be Selling Its Custom ARM Chips to Other Manufacturers

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) has said that the custom ARM chips, also known as Apple Silicon,
will not be sold to other manufacturers. He was talking to the media during Q3 2020 earnings. Along with his answer, he provided a concrete reasoning too.

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Upon Apple’s announcement of transition from intel to its custom ARM chips, they were also showcased at WWDC 2020 keynote. Tim was also asked whether these chips will be provided to other manufacturers during Q3 2020. He said that Apple loves to make its product range exclusive and manufactured solely by Apple as it is a product based company.

The reply was quite expected as Apple has never given its A-series chipset to other companies. However, it has used the chipset in its long line up of products. Apple has the same strategy for its 12-inch ARM-based MacBook. It is expected to be priced at $799 and will have a 12-core processor. An old report suggests that the 13-inch MacBook will be announced soon after the 12-inch variant is released. The report said that its production would start in Q4 2020.

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What are your opinions regarding Apple’s decision to supply its ARM chips to other manufacturers? Should Apple give its chips to other manufacturers or not. Is this decision a source of motivation for other companies (Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung, etc.) to develop robust and energy-efficient chipsets just like Apple did. However, Apple can expect a substantial increase in its revenue if it provides its ARM-based chips to other manufacturers.

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