Applications of Blockchain in Internet of Things

It is no surprise that your data is as secure today as it could possibly be, thanks to a perfect blend of Internet of Things and Blockchain technology. Now the data can be sent to private networks of blockchain spread throughout the internet by IoT-enabled devices. It will undeniably form a secured record of all the shared transactions which will be impenetrable and tamper-resistant. Now, you and your business partners will be able to seamlessly share as well as access the entire IoT data which will no longer require any central management or central control.

The prospects of trust-building across all the authorized network members are higher and disputes can easily be prevented by proper verification of each transaction. IoT and blockchain are undoubtedly the revolutionary technologies that possess the ability to revamp the entire technological scenario to make it all simpler, accessible, and impenetrable. Merging these technologies implies that a highly secured, reliable, and robust method is developed to execute the process of recording data carried out by “Smart” devices.

Freight Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics:

It is undeniably one of the most complex processes that go into moving freight with the involvement of a number of parties with separate priorities. However, IoT-enabled blockchain is nothing like what the traditional methods used to be based on. It will measure the temperatures, arrival times, current status, and positions of the moving shipping containers. All the involved parties will have a firm reason to trust the blockchain transactions due to their immutable characteristic. Moreover, the data will be secured enough and proactive actions can be taken to ensure an efficient, quicker, and stable transportation of the products.

Automotive Industry:

Updates, digitization, and dynamic evolution of technology have affected the apparatus of almost all the industries in existence and the automotive industry is certainly no exception. Developing automated vehicles through aerodynamic sensors that are entirely IoT enabled is ushering in a new age of automotive. Multiple users will be able to communicate essential information in real-time as the automotive industry continues to connect blockchain with IoT-enabled automobiles and vehicles.

The prospects of smart parking, transforming autonomous cars, automated control of traffic are no longer a far-fetched reality either as Blockchain IoT is already about to bring forth such massive changes. It is high time to create solutions like smart parking which will require collaboration with parking sensor enterprises and companies so that vehicle detection could be done in real-time. Moreover, chances of finding a suitable parking spot, making automated payments via crypto wallets are not far from reach with IoT and Blockchain.


With unprecedented growth in counterfeit medicines in the last decade, the pharmacy industry took a massive blow due to it. The emergence of daily new cases of counterfeit medicines became a splinter for pharmaceutical companies. But, the industry can finally take a sigh of relief with Blockchain IoT which will completely annihilate such anomalies or proliferation of counterfeit medicines. Stakeholders will be responsible for updating the blockchain network with crucial information regarding the entire process of drug manufacturing. It will be done by incorporating blockchain IoT that will deliver quicker results with impenetrable security in real-time.

Blockchain is entirely transparent that will enable stakeholders to be able to constantly monitor and assess drug manufacturing stages and keep a proactive track of supply through their respective connected devices. Blockchain IoT will also be able to successfully track any change in ownership as far as prescription medicines are concerned.

Updating Your Humble Abode:

Severe lack of security standards as well as data ownership exposed the weakness of traditional approaches adopted by the industry. This left the homes of people susceptible to be broken into quite effortlessly. However, with blockchain IoT, homeowners can be confident enough to regulate the home security mechanism remotely through their smartphones. There used to be countless shortcomings of centralized infrastructure which will be eliminated by blockchain to transform your humble abode into a “Smart Home”.

Biometric security and blockchain will make it humanly impossible to attempt data manipulation. When the blockchain stores any data, only the authorized owner will be able to access it. By visiting the auto trader cryptotrader, you can learn more about why you should invest in bitcoins.