Top 5 Best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons have been a pinnacle of Destiny 2. Although Destiny 2 players are looking forwards to acquiring Exotic weapons, you can only wield 1 Exotic weapon at a time. That is why some players actually look forward to acquiring Legendary weapons.

You can have 2 Legendary weapons at a time, and some legendaries can actually outperform Exotic weapons. With some players going for a Witch Queen Boost, you might just want to pack yourself with better legendaries to defeat bigger and harder bosses. That is why here we will take a look at the top 5 best Legendary weapons in Destiny 2!

5. Biting Winds

The first legendary weapon we are going to take a look at is Biting Winds. This Kinetic Bow is nothing less than an absolute legend, in PvP and PvE. The trait rolls promise excellent compatibility, meaning you will not be damaged as much by getting any random trait roll. The Legendary traits do tend to present much better upgrade options, so keep that in mind.

When it comes to Biting Winds traits, going for Swashbuckler, Explosive Head, and Rapid Hit should be your main focus. This is mainly because with these traits one-shotting Guardians in PvP with Swashbuckler will be an easy walk in the park, while Explosive Head and Rapid Hit dominate PvE for the Biting Winds. You can obtain it easily by farming for it on Variks bounties on Europa.

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4. Salvager’s Salvo

This list would not feel complete without the Legendary weapon Salvager’s Salvo. This grenade launcher is mostly acquired because of how strong it is in PvE. It does not have tons of traits like the Biting Winds, but the ones it has, oh boy are they strong! If you have the Chain Reaction trait, whenever you shoot with Salvager’s Salvo and get a kill, it will cause a multiple chain-reaction explosion, potentially damaging lots of enemies. And if that chain reaction kills off more enemies, it continues to explode! So imagine the power it has when connected with the grenade energy from the Demolitionist trait!

Salvager’s Salvo is not used as much on the PvP scene, as it does not really provide much variety. It’s used as a first shot to the enemy before switching to the Primary weapon, but that is all about it. Players can obtain Salvager’s Salvo through “Salvager’s Salvo Armament Quest”.

3. Null Composure

Null Composure has to be one of the best Legendary Fusion Rifles. Choosing the right traits for Null Composure plays a big part in the gameplay for this weapon, but still, it can dominate in PvP and PvE. When you combine the Feeding Frenzy and Reservoir Burst traits with the Rapid-Fire Frame intrinsic, it’s just a monster weapon! The more you kill, the faster reload speed for a short time with the Feeding Frenzy. And when your battery is full, with Reservoir Burst your next burst will deal additional damage, and if it kills the enemy it causes an explosion. You can probably see why these traits with Null Composure work much too well!

Although you can fuse the Null Composure weapon with other traits, these by far have proven to be excellent in PvP and PvE. Obtainable through “A Sacred Fusion Quest”.

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2. Succession

It was a hard choice between second and first place, but this one has to go to the Succession sniper rifle. Depending on the traits you choose and the playstyle, Succession can prove to dominate both the PvP and PvE scenes. Sitting with a lot of traits like Biting Winds, players tend to go with Vorpal Weapon and Reconstruction. The Aggressive Frame intrinsic adds up to the damage and recoil, Vorpal Weapon boosts up this damage, and Reconstruction makes Succession slowly reload over time up to double the capacity.

Although there are many combinations of traits, this one probably takes the scene, especially in tackling raids. Obtainable through the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, Atraks-1 encounter.

1. Fatebringer

Last but not least has to be the Legendary Hand Cannon Fatebringer! It can dominate the PvP and PvE. Adaptive Frame intrinsic can just be too damn well combined with the traits Fatebringer provides. Players mostly should go with the Firefly and Explosive Payload traits, since these traits provide much-needed compatibility. With Explosive Payload, the Fatebringer projectiles make an AoE detonation on impact, all while Firefly makes reload speed faster, and on killing it makes the target explode, dealing Solar damage to nearby enemies.

Some players go for Eye of the Storm and Explosive Payload traits to create a 140 RPM Hand Cannon, but that is up to you. Obtainable through the Vault of Glass Raid, Gatekeeper encounter, Fatebringer is a must-have in everyone’s inventory!

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