Aqua Computers Introduces the kryoM.2 Micro M.2 SSD Cooler

Aqua Computers kryoM.2 micro is a passive heatsink for M.2 SSDs which is simply clipped onto the SSD with the enclosed stainless steel clips. Before this, the enclosed thermal pad for the front and an isolation sticker for the back must be applied. The cooling performance is sufficient for many applications and due to the compact dimensions, the SSD with kryoM.2 micro fits almost all M.2 slots on mainboards.

ac kryo m2 1

During assembly, the SSD is not subjected to mechanical stress. The clips are slid on from the sides and then clamped onto the edge of the heat sink. The clamp does not touch the edge of the SSD board while doing this.

ac kryo m2 2

Key features of the kryoM.2 micro:
– Compact design for mounting in almost all motherboard slots for M.2 SSDs
– High quality heat sink made of black anodized aluminum with laser engraving
– Stainless steel clips for easy and safe assembly
– High quality thermal pad included
– Sticker for electrical isolation of the clips on the backside of the SSD included

The kryoM.2 micro is available as of now and costs 9.90 Euro. Orders can be already placed in Aqua Computers Webshop.

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