Asgard’s Wrath on PC and VR Expands the Viking Legacy

The gaming industry is constantly upgrading itself. Video games and hardware have far exceeded their predecessors in performance and market size. HyperX recently revealed its mind-blowing sales: over one million keyboards, 10 million headsets and 65 million memory modules. What has helped achieve these numbers are the decades of successful video game development. Every title that has ever impressed a gamer has upped standards and established favorite genres and themes.

One such theme that keeps returning to the general entertainment spotlight is Norse mythology. October saw Oculus Studios release Asgard’s Wrath, an innovative RPG developed by Sanzaru Games and featuring a plot steeped in Viking legends and action. The culture has inherent epic qualities on its side made famous around the world by movies and TV shows, as well as games. This appeal alone makes the attractiveness of Sanzaru’s title hardly surprising, but its positive reviews so far are also owed to the studio’s dedication and stunning end result.

Gameplay Details

IGN has high praises for Asgard’s Wrath, especially for its VR performance. It was specifically designed for that platform, but the game can be enjoyed in normal PC style too. While its extensive Norse lore is loyal to the traditional tales, the plot is kept fresh by its intriguing interpretation of popular legends, as well as the diversity of perspectives responsible for immersing players into its universe. In addition to incredible visuals, perks, combat and puzzle experiences, Rob Westwood’s beautiful soundtrack finetunes every moment of your journey.

The aim is to complete Loki’s tests by possessing characters destined to be heroes and guiding them along their path to greatness. Switch between their mortal view and your greater perspective as the new God of Animals to progress through the plot composed of several stories, their battles often requiring as much strategic thinking as their puzzles. An always fun option is being able to recruit 10 different animal companions, each with handy skills of their own to help with particular situations, that interact with your possessed character, like thanking them with high-fives when healed. Unfortunately, it is their AI programing that has presented the most gameplay problems.

Despite its expected issues, considering VR technology is still being perfected, Asgard’s Wrath is an unforgettable experience, a true milestone in a blooming gaming platform that should not be missed on Oculus devices, maybe the brand-new Quest or Rift S models. As for the Viking charm that regularly pulls developers back into its fold, it is multifaceted, but easily distinguished from the range of video games following that same theme and dominating the market.

Nordic Inspiration

A few titles to immediately jump to mind are God of WarMax Payne and Ragnarok Online. What they have in common is, firstly, a heavy use of mythological references. Even in a completely different genre, such as slots, less active that MMORPGs, Asgard makes an impact. Thunderstruck II on Betway Casino incorporates it through a Viking-themed design and a Great Hall bonus game, where Valkyrie, Loki, Odin and Thor appear with sets of 10 to 25 free spins. The popularity of online slots, no different to the other video games above competing in their consumer-based industry, is dependent on effectively drawing on fashions, whether they are franchises like Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park or cultural fascinations.

When it comes to Norse adaptations, however, maintaining the right spirit is even more important that their appearance. Skyrim is set in a country with clear Scandinavian influences but without carbon copying, for example, famous figures or locations like other titles have done. It features horned helmets and trolls that resemble jötnar, representations of Valhalla and the Midgard Serpent, among many inspired details pointed out by Legacies of the North, while players are plunged into a Viking lifestyle. Fight with bravery and honor. Travel through frozen landscapes beneath the Northern Lights. Or simply explore architecture, people and hard attitudes in actual Nordic style. All games that succeed with the Viking recipe never neglect the proud, warrior culture it stems from.

Once VR technology catches up with the standards and demands of the market’s best video games, which should not be too much longer as we enjoy new products like the Valve Index VR kit at $999, the dependably exciting Viking theme and many other mythological sources will still be here to give the public the ultimate gaming experience of their dreams.

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