New Video Game Bloggers: The Keys to Success

Planning to channel that gaming expertise into a blog? There are a few things to prepare for. The domain could be as simple as posting the occasional article and leaving it at that, but a fully functioning blog with regular visitors and even an income is a matter of careful strategy and maintenance. There are three key areas that deserve the most attention, all drawing from your social, investigative, and business skills, and all within a highly competitive branch of the tech industry.

Market Awareness

A blog needs a purpose. It must provide a service that’s missing or could do with a better representative. You can choose to only write about news and reviews on PC hardware, in which case a feature on the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super, for example, would preferably include everything gamers should know about the card. The more research you do on its specs and the public’s most common questions, the better impact your content will have on visitors. Considering how much work each post can demand, it’s smarter and less stressful to master blogging about one or two areas before expanding into others. Pinpoint gamers’ main interests or concerns and shape your blog accordingly.

Visitor Management

Digital marketing can actually be fun, provided you have the right tools; mobile apps being essential for maximum efficiency and visibility. Buffer is the perfect solution for keeping your blog’s social media presence, working like clockwork without needing supervision every hour of the day. For approximately £12-77 per month, 100-2,000 posts can be scheduled across 8-25 social accounts. Even though Twitch isn’t one of them, this software is invaluable as it frees your hands and brainpower for other important tasks, including analysing visitor activity.

Apps like Sumall can also help by compiling your various accounts’ traffic into stats and graphs. With this knowledge, you can work towards boosting an underperforming platform, for example, by reaching out to relevant gaming influencers or writing more click-worthy content.

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Income Strategy

In addition to making your mark on the market and ensuring a steady stream of visitors, you need to carefully choose the most profitable yet suitable avenues for your blog’s particular niche and nature. When exploring how to make money blogging, two methods always stand out: adverts and affiliates. The first source of income – Google AdSense is a leading solution – can be set up in a few simple steps. The tricky part, however, is getting visitors to actually click on the ads. The second money-making option puts both your social and marketing abilities to the test, but can earn you much more than adverts ever could. It involves collaborating with brands, like Microsoft or Amazon, that ideally complement the blog’s video game features and overall technological theme by linking to their websites and supplying a certain level of traffic. Achieving this requires even greater care with your content’s active voice and structure.

Get to know what makes a video game domain popular and profitable, while practicing the harder but vital task of composing exciting and influential content. Running a blog can be a job in its own right, one you can wholeheartedly enjoy. That, and the thrilling embrace of all the digital age has to offer, is the least to be gained from perfecting the art of gaming and blogging.

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