Social Casino Apps to be the Next Big Thing in the Gambling industry

Unlike a century ago, when betting was only available to a few people, today, gaming is accessible to everyone on almost all devices. The global gambling market is developing at significant strides. However, some subgroups have grown at a higher speed than others such as Emu casino no deposit bonus. This year alone, over 2.5 million people have spent $152.1 billion on gaming, which represents a growth rate of 9.6% over the year. According to a report project done in the gaming industry states that customer spending will increase by up to 9.0% by 2022.

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According to, a prominent stockholder that covers betting and technology update reported that the trendsetters in the industry of smart gaming market are putting more effort into the social casino market. They ascertain that the market has the highest number of the user, making it easier for the gambling industry to outshine.

According to press statement, the ability to play for real money on social betting is the actual motivation enticing players to follow suit.

The social gaming industry has employed two business models, namely: free-to-play and Up-front commercial model. As per the report, the social casino market is expected to grow at a very high rate between 2018 and 2022. Several growth drivers, including emergent smartphones, nascent internet dispersion, increased populace growth rates, high social media users, and betting traffic, are the growth rates greatest supporters in the global gambling industry.


After seeing this expected growth in the industry, Tapinator Inc., leading mobile app developers and publishers, announced its intention to launch a new social casino slot before the end of 2019. By the end of June, they gave a positive report stating that they have a solid base for the product and a clear plan to make it a first-class software application globally. They also highlighted the following improvements;

  • 83% revenue growth to $13MM over the year;
  • 9% booking growth to $967k over the year;
  • 282% revenue growth in the loading apps category to $1.1MM over the year;
  • 101% booking growth in the loading app category to $566 over the year;
  • 52% net loss decrease $265k over the year;
  • 2,781% increase in EBITDA to $293k over the year.

According to Tapinator Chief Financial Officer – Andrew Merkatz, the gaming market has experienced slight novelty since developers have been focusing more on making more contents, improving the value of their productions and running live Apps. He stated that he was proud that their strategic decision had paid off in terms of substantial revenue, adjusted EBITDA growth, and increased booking. He mentioned that there would be continued booking and revenue growth within the next 12 months. While there will still be developments of new applications, they will continue to invest heavily in the existing apps to enhance their portfolio.

The CEO Tapinator said that he strongly believes in the social casino space and product. According to him, the slot space has been profitable, and they will use the knowledge they have acquired to enhance player’s engagement. The new acquired expertise will help them offer players an established and groundbreaking slot games to the mobile devices


SciPlay Corporation Nasdaq, which is also a prominent digital games developer and publisher, re-established MarketSite on 3rd May while celebrating its first open service offer to the public on the stock market. They incorporated a controlled data-driven strategy to come up with games assortment that appeals to the customer and spans the market. The corporation examines and collects data to enhance their assortment and polish up gameplay experience. They also use the expertise they gained through their association with Scientific Games Organization to develop intensely remarkable gameplay and to single out their content.

The SciPlay CEO Josh Wilson stated that they aspire to become the leading mobile gaming company across the globe. According to him, SciPlay site is offering engaging free to play games to million people where punters can play entertaining, engaging and authenticity games all day. As a global organization that employs data to augment overall consumer experience. Nelson Griggs mentioned that he was thrilled to add Sciplay this SciPlay that is an innovative company their family. He is the president at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Spin and Win

In March 2019, Zynga Poker Launched a Spin and Win. This was reported on a World Poker Tour by Zynga Inc. which is a leading mobile developer at the Tournament Center. The innovation offers players an opportunity to win 10x their stake once they spin a winning wheel and a stimulating skill as they play shorter competitions.

Zynga Inc features a shorter gameplay tournament that lasts between five to eight minutes. Winners have the option of spinning the reel and standardize the payout from as low as 2x to 8x their stake, which makes the competition the most beneficial one.

According to Zynga president Bernard Kim, who is also the publishing manager, the new innovation came by after the customer’s request to have a fast-paced tournament at a higher price. He stated that Zynga Poker’s is surely placing the players in the best place in the table. He also mentioned that mixing the popular World Poker Tournament with this aggressive and quicker tournament style will offer customers a captivating effective experience in the poker sports.

Spin and Win is the latest innovation at World Poker Tour as stated by their CEO Adam Pliska. It is an innovation that enhances player’s experience an addition of Zynga Poker inventiveness to the WPT Tournament centre. It also offers an exceptional way to the customer where they can take part in the World Poker Tour.

Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile Inc. is another famous free-to-play game developer that stated its yearly financial update recently on 30th June 2019. Nick Earl, the CEO, revealed that by the second quarter of the year, the company had recorded their major booking since its launch. They also established two thrilling innovative titles–Diner DASH Adventures and WWE Universe.

Nick mentioned that Diner DASH Adventures made them proud for its timely strong performance and the improvement they had completed on their channel of prospective Growth Games. He added that the plan they had for the rest of the year is to continue to fine-tune growth rates of the game and to enhance their live assortments with new features. He believed that this approach would help create a testimonial to set up a sturdy outcome in 2020.

Worth Waiting For

The social gaming industry is experiencing a rapid growth according to the Global Market Insight. Embracing enhanced betting technologies has outstretched the levels of revenue, increased online content, and lowered games rate, enabling the users to get Apps on their mobile devices.

As a result of the increase in social gaming traffic, well-known gaming categories such as social casinos will cause market growth. Having this in mind, numerous gaming firms have started to focus in this direction since the punters can now relish a gambling thrill without having to worry about losses linked to online casino wagering. This is good news to not only the customers, but also the companies, as they will get reputation and profit from apps acquisitions. According to the number of app users currently in the gaming industry, social wagering is getting bigger, and so are the number of consumers.

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