There are thousands of vendors on Amazon and likely hundreds who will be competing with you for the type of product you’re selling. In order to make sure your product stands out in user search results and is ranked at the top, you need to optimize your product SEO.

While there are countless consultants and Amazon seller tools that you can use to help with your SEO, you might want to implement the basic principles outlined below before you spend your money.


First and foremost, before you list your product on Amazon, you should carry out some keyword research. Your focus needs to be on long-tailed keywords (that are phrases more than they are words) relevant to the product you’re selling. The keywords should also be aligned towards the viewpoint of the consumer rather than from a generalized search viewpoint.

Try to include as many relevant keywords as possible in your selection. Even one missing keyword can make the difference between a top listing and low ranked entry. However, you need to maintain a balance as well as one irrelevant keyword could also throw off the rating of the page.


Now we come to the content of the product page. Your content consists of the description of the product and all the information the consumer would want to know. Brand, model, color, size and general product description are the basics but depending on the product these details may vary. You also need to ensure that the keywords you’ve researched are incorporated into the content in an organic manner. Overusing keywords will not help in any way whatsoever and erratic usage will also have no impact on your rating.

Be organized in your content presentation as well. Choose a single font type and size and maintain the tone, whether casual or formal, throughout. Divide the text into paragraphs or bullet points when discussing individual aspects of the product. Also, be sure to check on spelling and grammatical errors as these make a huge impact. For images, you want to choose high-resolution images with a zoom enhance feature. These are the most liked by users and Amazon as well.

All of the above not only improve your SEO rating, but it also enhances the user experience which Amazon’s search engine algorithms are constantly recording. So the better the user experience is on your product page, the likelier it is your listings will be highly ranked.


The official Amazon guidelines on vendor listings can also give a lot of direction on improving your page’s SEO. While not explicitly for this purpose, the guidelines are a way for Amazon to ensure consistency in what they as the marketplace have to manage and what is being presented to the end-user. So the more you are in compliance with all of these guidelines, the higher the chances are that your page will be ranked highly when it comes to search engine listings.

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