ASRock X299 Taichi Motherboard Review

Features & Software
When you power on your system you’ll notice light coming out from behind he PCH heatsink. It actually looks pretty cool! These are RGB LEDs so you can select the color that you want.

ASRock X299 Taichi Motherboard ASRock X299 Taichi Motherboard ASRock X299 Taichi Motherboard ASRock X299 Taichi Motherboard

Using the ASRock RGB LED software you can easily select the LEDs you want to change, the color you want to change them to, and the effect. The effects include static, breathing, strobe, cycling, random, music, and wave.

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ASRock has their Live Update & App Shop App that makes it easy to download drivers, and apps for your system. While you can go through and download apps from the App Shop you actually can’t launch them. They are installed on their own. It would have been nice to have a single utility / app that I could use to launch all the companion apps for the motherboard, much like ASUS’s Ai Suite.

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The piece of software that we are going to cover is ASRock’s A-Tuning app. It will allow you to easily tune and overclock your system within Windows. When you open the app up you are brought to the Operation Mode tab. Here you can select Performance Mode, Standard Mode, and Power saving mode.

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The next tab is OC Tweaker. Here you can really tune your system by adjusting clocks and voltages. You can also save and load profiles, which is a nice feature to have.

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System information as you might have guessed gives you real-time clock, temperature, and voltage readings.

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Finally FAN-Tastic Tuning allows you to select the different fan headers on the board and set a custom fan curve.

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