Noctua Fans and Accessories Roundup

Noctua. A name that should be familiar to anyone who has been around the PC building industry for any amount of time. Known for their high-quality products as much as they are for their “unique” fan color scheme that provokes a love/hate response from most users, Noctua is a leader in aftermarket PC accessories. And while Noctua provides many options with regards to standard fan sizes like 120mm x 25mm and 80mm x 25mm, they also offer quire a few fan size options for less common applications.

To say that the options are wide would be an understatement, and today we will be taking a look at a variety of fans and accessories from Noctua that you might not even know they made. Everything from small 40mm fans, all the way up to 200mm fans, and a few fan accessories to boot.

Special thanks to Noctua for providing us with a great variety of fans and accessories to take a look at.

First up we are going to take a look at multiple fan types across three sizes that most users don’t see on a regular basis, and may have applications outside of PC builds. While we are all familiar with the standard 80mm, 92mm, 120mm, and 140mm fan sizes with their standard 25mm thickness, each of these standard sizes can be adjust to have a thinner or thicker profile, depending on the use case. Without further ado, let’s take a look.


40mm Fans

The 40mm size of the NF-A4 line of fans represent the smallest form factor of fans that Noctua produces, and includes both 10mm and 20mm thicknesses. All four NF-A4 fans we are looking at are of the 20mm thickness variety. Specification-wise, all four of these fans are  nearly identical, save for their power delivery method; the NF-A4x20 5V PWM and NF-A4x20 5V require a 5V power source and are not compatible with a standard 12V connection, often provided via a motherboard header.

One of the more common uses for a 40mm fan is in network and blade server cooling applications. It is not uncommon for an older networking device to have a failed fan that needs to be replaced. Instead of a stock replacement, a Noctua model can often provide better cooling at a lower noise level.


The NF-A4x20 fans all come in the same packaging configuration that features a features list on the front of the box, along with the fan designation along the left side. A front flap opens up to reveal more detailed information about the features found on the NF-A4x20 fans, and provides a quick look at the fan inside. It is a pretty large box for such a small fan, but once you factor in the four included NA-AV3 anti-vibration mounts and cabling, it doesn’t seem so bad.

NF A4x20PWMBox1 NF A4x20PWMBox2
Closer Look

The 40mm form factor is quite stocky, and most of the rotational mass is comprised of a center hub as opposed to fins. This often results in a fan that must spin quite fast in order to move a decent amount of air with such little fan blade surface. Each corner of the NF-A4x20 fans sports an anti-vibration pad to keep things as silent as possible. Nearly the entire length of the power cable is nicely sleeved, adding to the overall quality of the fans.

NF A4x20Fan1 NF A4x20Fan2
NF-A4x20 PWM Specifications


NF-A4x20 FLX Specifications


NF-A4x20 5V PWM Specifications


NF-A4x20 5V Specifications