ASRock X99E-ITX/ac Motherboard Review

The Included CPU Cooler
As I mention ASRock’s includes a CPU cooler to fit the narrow-ILM LGA2011v3 socket. The cooler is the Dynatron R24 and is made for 2U servers, not your typical desktop.


The cooler itself has official dimensions of 112.0 x 84.0 x 67.0 mm and weighs in at 400g. The cooler is designed to handle processors with a TDP of up to 160W. The cooler makes use of an aluminum fin stack and four copper heatpipes that make direct contact with the CPU. As you can see the thermal paste is already pre-applied.


Installing the cooler is actually quite easy. Just line up the screws with the mounting points on the socket and screw it in. Then attach the fan and connect it to the CPU fan header and you are good to go. This is a very small and compact unit, but because of the small size of the fan it is quite loud. It will spin up at 3500 RPM and under full load it will go all the way up to 7000 RPM with a noise level of 47.5 dBA. It has to be one of the loudest CPU coolers I have ever encountered. But again, it is not made for the desktop use, but rather to sit in a 2U server at a datacenter.

ASRock X99E-ITX/ac Motherboard

To test the performance of the cooler I first let the system sit in an idle state on the Windows desktop. I used both Intel’s XTU application and CoreTemp to track temperatures. Here is a screenshot of that.


Now for the load test, which was a run of the 5 minute stress test that is built into the Intel ATU application.


Temperatures hit the mid 60’s which is not horrible, but not that great either.

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