ASUS ASUSPRO Series BU400 Ultrabook Now Available

The ASUSPRO Series expands with one of the first business-specific Ultrabooks on the market. The ASUSPRO Series BU400 Ultrabook™ delivers a slim, light, and elegant product that weighs just 1.64Kg, packed with durability-enhancing capabilities, including carbon reinforced construction. It adds productivity-boosting highlights such as optional NVIDIA® NVS™ 5200M business graphics, and passes demanding ASUS quality assurance testing, with anti-shock hard drives to protect data from harm. User comfort is addressed by the responsive keyboard and smart touchpad, plus an optional touchscreen is available (BU400A SKU, available January 2013). The BU400 incorporates extensive security and management features such as self-encrypting storage, TPM, and Intel® Anti-Theft technology, giving customers the best of pro-grade notebook power and usability alongside the advantages of the new Ultrabook™ device class.

PR ASUS ASUSPRO Series BU400 Ultrabook open

Ultrabooks move up to professional business use

The ASUSPRO Series revolves around providing professionals highly reliable and secure notebooks that cater to high-end business and work-related needs. The BU400 adds a highly portable, slim, and light design, combining Ultrabook™ advantages with everything that has made the ASUSPRO Series popular. It is among the first business-class Ultrabooks available, promoting greater flexibility and productivity with its durable and secure design, as well as diverse management options. Its weight factor starts at just 1.64Kg, while for greater endurance ASUS provides tough anti-shock hard drive protection and carbon construction reinforced LCD covers. These can easily withstand the demands of mobile professional usage. Despite the compact form factor, the BU400 ships with a complete I/O set to ensure wide-range connectivity with other devices, from projectors to external storage.

Extensive ASUS testing assures quality

Like all ASUSPRO products, the BU400 passes stringent reliability trials, which include panel pressure, hinge strength, drop resistance, and shock survivability. ASUS employs the latest testing equipment and certifies ASUSPRO notebooks to much higher standards than those used on mainstream notebooks. As it was created to accompany professional users on business-related travel, the BU400 guarantees non-stop reliability for uninterrupted productivity.

Professional and elegant aesthetics

To convey a premium feel, the BU400 employs subtle yet sophisticated design touches, including a seamless one-piece keyboard for improved input accuracy and comfort. The large touchpad supports more gestures with greater precision, helping customers increase productivity the intuitive way. For visual acuity, the BU400 offers anti-glare wide-view panels with HD and HD+ resolutions that prevent eye-strain due to unwanted reflections. In January 2013, ASUS will begin offering the BU400A SKU with a multi-point touchscreen for customers who prefer a more natural hands-on approach that brings experiences similar to those offered by pads, tablets, and smartphones.

Strong security and management features for professional users

Optional advanced NVIDIA® NVS™ 5200M graphics accelerate multi-screen performance to enable better sharing of presentations with large groups. In terms of processing power, the BU400 applies 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors with vPro™ technology. Additional Intel-based features include Intel® Small Business Advantage, and Intel® Smart Connect, both tailored to the special needs of business and organizational buyers. ASUS has gone to great lengths to embed robust security measures on the BU400. Storage uses a smart self-encrypting design that makes data highly secure, while Trusted Platform Module hardware and fingerprint readers further guarantee controlled access so confidential information remains well-protected. Intel® Anti-Theft technology and Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops help users retrieve lost or stolen notebooks, and offer remote data and operating system locking to prevent intrusions.

Source: ASUS | News Archive