RAIDMAX Announces Special Discount for Selected Chassis for the Holiday Season

RAIDMAX, is pleased to announce that selected chassis is available for a special discount for the holiday season. This holiday special with a drop of the price of $10 and more on the latest selected RAIDMAX’s cases includes: AGUSTA, RAPTOR and ORION. In addition to offering this sale just in time for the holiday season, RAIDMAX is also releasing a new version of AGUSTA. This new version of AGUSTA not only features the original two-compartment internal design but also features a titanium colored front shield, green LED lighting and a side panel window to show off your hardware. Be sure to check out this newly released RAIDMAX AGUSTA as well as the holiday discount special at Amazon, Fry’s, Newegg and etc.

raidmax agusta titanium01 raidmax agusta titanium02 raidmax agusta titanium03

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Source: GlobalPR | News Archive