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ThinkComputers Podcast #142

This week on the Podcast we talk about our reviews of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, AZIO Retro Classic Elwood Keyboard, and Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard. As well as the Threadripper II launch, AREZ graphics cards costing more than the exact same ROG cards, AORUS making everything, and more!

Hardware News

Raidmax Announces The X08 Open Air Chassis

Raidmax has just announced their X08 chassis, which is designed as sort of an open-air mid-tower. It is made up of metal panels with tempered glass panels on the either side. The look is quite good and sort of makes it look like a transformer. The chassis does support ATX motherboards with 7 expansion slots, graphics cards up to 400 mm as well as CPU coolers up to 150 mm in height.

Raidmax Monster II PC Case

Raidmax Monster II PC Case Review

Raidmax has been producing PC cases for quite some time. I can remember years ago when I first got my hands on a Raidmax case. They were one of the first that had really unique cases and ones that used fans with LEDs in them. Since then many companies have followed suit and there is quite a lot of competition in the case market. Today we have their latest PC Case, the Monster II. This mid tower case supports ATX motherboards, long graphics cards, long power supplies, up to 5 fans, and four hard drives. Like most Raidmax cases the Monster II has a really unique design that makes it stand out. Let’s jump in and see what the Monster II is all about.

Raidmax Narwhal Case
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Raidmax Announces Narwhal Mid Tower Case

Raidmax has rolled out a brand new case, the Narwhal. This ATX case has official measurements of 498(H) X 245(W) X 518(D) mm and is made of SECC steel and ABS plastic. The case has an attractive design and offers a small acrylic window. Storage options include four 5.25-inch drive bays, six 3.5-inch drive bays that are split between two hard drive cages, three of these drive bays support 2.5-inch drives.


Win a Raidmax Agusta Case & RX1000-AE Power Supply

It is contest time here again at ThinkComputers! We have teamed up with our friends over at Raidmax to give away two of their products. First we have the Agusta case which just looks awesome. Secondly, is the RX-1000AE power supply which really is a 1000W 80PLUS Gold certified power supply with some great features. So how can you get your hands on these two awesome products?

Raidmax RX-1000AE Power Supply
Power SuppliesReviews

Raidmax RX-1000AE 1000W Power Supply Review

We mainly know Raidmax for their cases, but they also make power supplies. When talking about power supplies many people go for the highest wattage possible, but many people will never use that wattage in a 1200W+ unit. 1000W units are perfect for systems with multiple graphics cards and other demanding components. The RX-1000AE from Raidmax is a 1000W unit that is semi-modular, has an 80PLUS Gold certification, and a silent 135 mm cooling fan. What’s even better is that this unit is currently selling for around $150. Not bad for a 1000W unit with these features, but will the RX-1000AE make it through our tests? Read on as we find out!

Raidmax Agusta Case

Raidmax Agusta Case Review

While most of the case makers out there have gone for the more sleek and subtle design for their cases, Raidmax is always a company we can count on for some pretty extreme case designs. Today we are talking a look a look at their Agusta case. This case has a sort of transformer-like design to it, which looks awesome. On top of that it has a dual chamber design with the 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch drive trays on the bottom of the case. This not only makes room for watercooling inside the main compartment of the case but keeps the heat generated by your hard drives in a separate compartment. Other features include USB 3.0 support, six included fans and tool-less installation systems. Read on as we take a look...


Raidmax Vampire Full Tower Case Review

We have the new Raidmax Vampire full tower case in for review today. Weighing in at just under 30 pounds, the Vampire's bold but sleek design makes it stand out. The materials, design and build quality are excellent and apparent that a lot of thought went into the design and features that enthusiasts demand. The case is packed with all the features you would expect in its class like cooling with the 200mm front intake fan, water cooling support both internal and external setups, a top mounted SATA hot-swap bay, USB 3.0, five 5.25” external bays and a large side panel window. Will this sleek designed case enriched in features meet your requirements? Read on to find out more.


Raidmax Cobra PC Case Review

Raidmax has been around for quite a while, since 1988 in fact.  I fell in love with their early designs and they were some of the first cases we reviewed when ThinkComputers started.  Since then they have been going strong creating some very unique PC cases.  Today we have one of their more budget-minded cases, the Cobra.  Coming it at just over $70 this mid tower case offers a pretty cool design, support for 2.5-inch hard drives, two included 120mm cooling fans, USB 3.0 support and a nifty side panel window.  Is this the next case for your build?  Read on as we take a look...

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