Raidmax Monster II PC Case Review

Raidmax has been producing PC cases for quite some time. I can remember years ago when I first got my hands on a Raidmax case. They were one of the first that had really unique cases and ones that used fans with LEDs in them. Since then many companies have followed suit and there is quite a lot of competition in the case market. Today we have their latest PC Case, the Monster II. This mid tower case supports ATX motherboards, long graphics cards, long power supplies, up to 5 fans, and four hard drives. Like most Raidmax cases the Monster II has a really unique design that makes it stand out. Let’s jump in and see what the Monster II is all about.

Special thanks to Raidmax for providing us with the Monster II PC Case to review.


The Monster II comes in a pretty ordinary cardboard box. On the front it says Monster II with an outline of the case.

Raidmax Monster II PC Case

Moving around to the back there are expanded views of the case showing off the interior layouy and what all you can fit inside.

Raidmax Monster II PC Case

On the side of the box there is a list of specifications.


Opening the box up inside we find the case nicely protected so it will not get damaged during the shipping process.


Inside the case you will find a user’s guide, all of your mounting hardware, and a bag of zip ties.

Raidmax Monster II PC Case

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