Raidmax Monster II PC Case Review

Final Thoughts
I have always been a fan of Raidmax, they are able to bring out affordable PC cases that still look great and can handle modern components. With that said the Monster II does have its ups and downs.

First let me talk about what I did like. The Monster II does have a very unique look to it and it is something that will definitely stand out on your desk or at a LAN party. The case also has room inside for long graphics cards and long power supplies. All of the hard drives are on the opposite side of the case so they are hidden and out of the way. There are two included fans, one of which is a blue LED fan and you have room for three more fans and even watercooling. One of the best things about the Monster II is its price at only $69.99 on Newegg.

Now even though there is watercooling room in the front of the case you definitely could not do a push-pull setup because the power supply cover would block the bottom fan. Also Raidmax sort of missed out on watercooling on the top of the case, there would be no way to install watercooling up there without running into clearance issues with your VRM heatsinks on your motherboard and your RAM. Another thing I found a little odd was that while the bottom fan filter was removable, the top and front ones require you to take the entire front / top of the case off to remove them for cleaning. I also did run into an issue installing my motherboard as the I/O cover on my motherboard (ASUS Z170-A) kept on hitting the rear fan. While not everyone will experience this issue it is worth noting.

At the end of the day this is a pretty solid case from Raidmax. At its price of $69.99 on Newegg it competes well, but if you just went up to $74.99 you could get NZXT’s S340, which I think has more features and a better fit and finish.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Raidmax Monster II PC Case an 8 out of 10 score.

– Room inside for long graphics cards and long power supplies
– Power supply cover
– Sleek design
– All hard drive mounts are hidden
– Easy to route cables & lots of tie-down points
– Price

– Very limited watercooling capabilities
– Rear fan got in the way of our motherboard during installation
– No thumbscrews on the expansion slots

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