ASUS Cans AREZ Brand, ROG Here To Stay

The whole NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program, which was launched a couple of months ago by NVIDIA started quite a lot of controversy. Kyle Bennet was one of the first to point out how the program was anti-competitive towards AMD and somewhat Intel as well. Basically NVIDIA was forcing brands to only sell NVIDIA-based graphics cards under their gaming brands if they wanted to be part of the program, and reap its benefits.

Two months later NVIDIA was basically forced to terminate the program because of all of the bad press and some major OEMs refusing to sign up for the program. Now many of the major brands we know did sign up for the program and were forced to remove AMD graphics cards from their website and in turn from their gaming lines. One of these companies was ASUS, which removed AMD-based cards from their very popular Republic of Gamers (ROG) line. With that ASUS created a new line for AMD cards called AREZ.

Obviously time and money has gone into creating this new brand, but it looks like ASUS will be biting the bullet and bringing all gaming products back under the ROG banner. They have announced on Twitter (via the ASUS AREZ page) that AREZ is coming to an end and ROG is here to stay. This actually happened last Saturday, but flew under the radar as not many people (129) were even following that account.

asus arez

It will be interesting to see if other brands axe their AMD-only gaming brands, which they were basically forced to create.

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