ASUS CMP 40HX Mining Card Will launch At 699 USD

Videocardz has received a picture of ASUS CMP40 HX during its initial testing phase. Videocardz states that the same source provided the photos of the ASUS CMP 30HX graphics card.

As per the screenshot, the ASUS CMP 40HX mining card will provide 43.77 MH/s up from 36 MH/s which NVIDIA announced earlier, but the card memory clock speeds were adjusted, and the power was optimized, so a 21% increase is expected.

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As far as the specs are concerned, it will feature 8GB GDDR6 RAM with a TDP of 185W and it will be based on the Turing TU106-100 GPU.

The card was expected to launch in Q1 2021, but no Turing TU106-100 GPU (the GPU on which CMP 40HX will be based) based AIB model is announced yet. Apparently, board partners are busy testing the CMP 40HX.

The source also mentioned the prices; the CMP 40HX will be priced at 699 USD.

Via Videocardz