ASUS Comes up With GeForce RTX 3090 Turbo OC with a Lateral Blower

To compete with Gigabyte, ASUS has also introduced their RTX 3090 Turbo OC graphics card (model: TURBO-RTX3090-24G). The 350-Watt GeForce RTX 3090 is paired with a lateral blower.

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ASUS claims that this card is designed for “environments with restricted airflow.” The card’s thickness is strictly restricted to that of 2 slots, and as for its measurements, they just qualify for a full height, with a length of 26.8 cm and a height of 11.3 cm. The card features two 8-pin PCIe power inputs, and they are located on the tail end of the card instead of the top. The connector’s exact position is next to the extender mounts for workstations.

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The ASUS RTX 3090 features an 80mm Lateral blower, the blower features a double ball-bearing that directs the air to a copper-channel heatsink that extracts the heat from GPU and memory through a vapor-chamber plate. The card features a secondary aluminum base-plate that pulls the heat from the VRMs components and directs them to the vapor-chamber plate. The card features a base clock of 1695Mhz which can be pushed to 1725Mhz through the mild software-activated OC mode. It also features GDDR6X memory with transfer speeds of 19.5Gbps, and for connectivity, it features three DisplayPort 1.4a ports, and one HDMI 2.1 port.

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ASUS has not given any pricing information yet.