M1 Powered Mac Beats Surface Pro X while Running Windows Virtualisation in New Benchmark Runs

We all have witnessed the awesome performance of M1 Macs in various tests. It looks like M1 Mac has managed to impress us once again; it was able to easily beat another ARM-based machine, Microsoft Surface X, in Windows virtualization. Although there’s no official support for Windows on Mac yet, but a Youtuber named Martin Nobel was able to run Windows Visualization using an unofficial method.

surface windows 8 pro1

In the video, he demonstrated the whole process of how he was able to run the Windows on M1 Mac through an unofficial method. He also shows that the mac managed to outperform the Surface Pro X despite using an unofficial method, which features the SQ1.

It’s quite impressive to see that the M1 mac obtains a higher score than the Surface X. In fact, the single-core scores of the M1 are twice the scores of the Surface X. You can view the results below:

M1 Mac mini:
Single-core – 1515
Multi-core – 4998

Surface Pro X:
Single-core – 793
Multi-core – 3113

These numbers will tempt future Mac customers to run Windows on their Macs. However, this isn’t possible as currently, no official Boot Camp support is available to run the operating system. There’s good news as Apple’s VP of Software Engineering said

‘it’s more than possible to run Windows on these M1 Macs, but it will be up to Microsoft to turn that possibility into a reality.’

macbookpro 2020

You can view the video below to see how Martin Nobel made it possible to run Windows 10 on M1 Mac using an unofficial method. We all are waiting for Microsoft to bring Windows support to these Macs.

Via Martin Nobel