ASUS P8Z77-V Pro Intel Z77 Motherboard Review

Included Software
With the motherboard market becoming increasingly populated with manufacturers effectively offering the same features for similar pricing, one way for a manufacturer to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition is to create a diverse and feature-rich software suite. Frequently software suites are cluttered and seem to be hastily thrown together in order for the manufacturer to claim they have software that could benefit you, but frequently they just end up being data clutter and unusable. Is that the case with ASUS’ software, the Ai Suite?

ASUS’ Ai Suite, once installed, adds itself to your StartUp and will load once you log into Windows. Whilst this can be irritating as I was unable to find an option that would prevent it from loading as Windows does, the Ai Suite is unobtrusive, is able to be minimized to your system tray, and acts as a hub for all of ASUS’ software offerings. You can pick and choose which of the software suites you wish to use, and the Ai Suite will only display the suites you have installed when in use. For sake of demonstration, I installed everything.


Selecting the Tool button will present you with a drop down list of ASUS’ software tools.


Selecting Monitor will provide you a list of monitoring tools available to you.


Update will grant you access to all update related tools.