ASUS P9X79 Pro Intel X79 Motherboard Review

Included Software & Features

The above video shows all of the features of the ASUS AI Suite II software.  It is a full software package that actually have very useful applications.  It is the perfect companion software for a motherboard.  Most motherboards come with software that you don’t really want, but this software is actually really useful.


One of the really cool features of the AI Suite II software is the USB 3.0 boost.  It will speed up the transfer speeds of your USB 3.0 devices.  It uses a Turbo mode and a USAP mode.  Turbo mode is supported on almost all USB 3.0 devices, but UASP is not.  Turbo mode was supported on our older Thermaltake BlacX 5G.  The new version of the BlacX 5G supports UASP and luckily we just got the new one in so we were able to test both Turbo and UASP modes.  The results are below.

USB 3.0 – Normal


USB 3.0 – Turbo


USB 3.0 – UASP


As you can see you get a very nice performance boost on both the Turbo and UASP modes.


Another really great feature is ASUS’s SSD caching.  All you need to do is connect your normal hard drive and solid state drive to the 2 bottom white SATA ports on the board and you can team them together to improve performance.  Just open up the SSD Caching section of the AI Suite II and click caching now and you will be good to go.  Below are the results of running the test with and without caching enabled.

No Caching


Caching Enabled


As you can see we got a great boost in read performance. One thing that is nice about the ASUS caching is that you are not limited to a 64GB drive.

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