ASUS Rampage III Formula Intel X58 Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts
This is the first time I’ve actually had some time with an ASUS Republic of Gamers board.  I mean I’ve seen them at CES and have read the spec sheets, but having a few weeks with this board you can really appreciate all of the features.  Many people when looking at this board may think, “Yeah it is a gaming board and has a cool color scheme”, but there is so much to this board that no one will even know about if they don’t read reviews like this.  Compared to other X58 boards this one really does have many extra features.  The Extreme Engine Digi+ VRM design can easily achieve the ultimate performance with adjustable CPU PWM frequency.  You do have the Dual BIOS feature that we see on many other motherboards, but you also have the BIOS FlashBack feature which allows you to recover a previous BIOS.  One thing that I’ve always liked about ASUS boards is the Mem OK button that does everything to get the memory at the right settings for your system to boot.  Probelt allows you to easily find the measurement points for reading voltages with your multimeter.

The ROG connect feature is something I did not see the point of at first, but use it once and you will always use it!  It is so cool to be able to remotely overlcock and tweak your system.  I also like that I am able to power down and turn the system on this way as well.  For boards that have built-in Bluetooth ASUS also has an iPad / iPhone app that does the same thing, which is just awesome.

Talking about overclocking I’ve never had an easier experience overclocking than with the TurboV EVO software.  It made things so simple, especially if you are manually overclocking with it you do not even have to restart your system!  The CPU level up feature is so simple, just select your desired overclock the system will restart and boom you are at that overclock.  At 4 GHz the system was extremely stable.  You can also overclock using the RC TweakIt software and you can manually overclock in the BIOS.

I am very impressed with this board, if you plan on doing any overclocking and want to get the most out of your hardware this is the board to get.  Right now you can find it for $299 at my favorite online retailer.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASUS Rampage III Formula Intel X58 Motherboard a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

rating10 10 small TC award editorschoice small

– Easy overclocking
– Fully featured
– ROG Connect feature
– USB 3.0 and SATA 6 GB/s
– Extreme Engine Digi+

– None that I found

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